• Fishing, Remedial & Whipstock

    Based on our practical experiences, we, are able, to undertake and provide  the following services: - External and internal cutting and recovery | Plug and abandon services | Wash pipes, shoes, ditch & fishing magnets | Thru’ tubing applications | Well remedial | Inventory of mills | whipstock systems

  • Wireline and slickline

    Our Services Includes: - Cement evaluation | Formation evaluation | Casing evaluation | Mechanical services | Chemical and jet cutters | Radial Bond Tools and gyro | Free point indicators and string shots | Gamma ray logging and guns | Severing tools & Split shots

  • Wellbore Cleaning Services

    In conjunction with our technical partners, we are able to provide comprehensive expertise on various wellbore cleaning services without damaging the well. Using a combination of tools, to ensure solid-free wellbore and downhole components, delivering a clear path for unrestricted production.

  • Drilling Tools, Tubular Rental

    Our policy is to deliver high-end quality services and products that best fits our client's specification. Our services offering range from: - Borehole enlargement | Casing and tubing | Drilling Jars | Handling tools rental

  • Tubular Inspection MPI Inspection

    Our Tubular Inspector team are trained and certified to ASNT Level II (M P I & L P I), they work to API speciation applying the relevant speciation to each and every work to be performed. | Beside the above mentioned qualifications, all personnel authorised to undertake or directly supervise any inspection and reporting on tubular goods / equipment items on behalf of our company are trained and independently assessed.

  • Machine Shop

    Our machine shop backed by the right technical specialist offers the following  services: - Remedial Jobs. | General fabrication upon specific request. | Welding services. | Rethread Services.

  • Industrial Waste Management

    In partnership with our specialised associates backed by certifications from the Nigerian government, the team of specialists provide solutions covering industrial waste concerns related to land, swamp, and offshore well operation. - Drilling mud and chemicals | Excess of cement | Environmental cleaning | Minor waste | Tank cleaning

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