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Delivering Results

Developing new markets and providing strategic opportunities

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Realizing Goals

Experience you can trust, service you can count on.

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Business oriented-People focused

Global reach, local presence

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Connecting the world

Bridging the gap with dependable and professional partnership.

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Passionate People, Creative Solutions

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Quality service, excellent performance.

Living your dreams

Client-centered, result-oriented.

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Who we are

Stephano Integrated Services Limited (SISL), RC 1539784, established April 2018 and registered in Nigeria, November 2018, is a company offering a diversity of services to meet new and emerging demands within the power infrastructure and oil and gas industries.

SISL as, a young player in the industry thrives on the committed and assiduous capabilities of its team and the vast experience of its founder, Dr. (AMBP) Stefano Piotti, a recipient of Shell Petroleum Project and Technology performance Award – with over 35 years of experience in the contracting, energy, oil & gas and power sectors out of which he spent 20 years in Nigeria.

Our basic principle is to identify business gaps, foster collaboration between local companies while facilitating local and international partnerships for specific technical and commercial needs to efficiently and successfully execute projects. SISL provides the required business development, marketing, and technical consulting skills to create a seamless and mutually beneficial alliance.


Our Mission

To Bridge Between Nigeria And The Rest Of The World So As To Effectively Offer World Class Services To our Clients.

Our Vision

To Become Within The Next Five Years, The Most Relevant Oil And Gas And Power Infrastructure Consulting Services Company In Nigeria.


Our Core Values

  • Transparency

  • Integrity

  • Professionalism

Business Development and Marketing


the business development marketing services are mainly offered to oil, gas and power customers, we anticipate that in the future the industry range will be enlarged to include customers operating in different economic sectors.


Business Consultancy Services


we operate through a network of international and local financial entities that allow us (based on an analytic approach) to offer specific solutions to specific problems.


Manpower Services


team of headhunters and industry experts is committed to meeting the manpower needs of the Oil, Gas, Power, and Infrastructure industries, as well as providing the best possible manpower service to our clients.


Procurement & Logistics


our international connections, we can obtain whatever commodities you desire from the best international vendors, whether they are long lead items, short lead items, or bulk supplies.


Sales Agency


to our excellent market positioning, SISL represents the ideal agent for international companies operating in the oil and gas sector wishing to boost its business in Nigeria.


Oilfield Services


engaged in the continuous research and development of business ideas related to our fields of operations. We also offer feasibility studies to ascertain the business viability.


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