It was a melancholic day at the SISL head office, as the just crowned beautiful Queen Christabel Jack
Boma, announced her willingness to move to the CSR department of the company, and the 1 st
runner up, Queen Anele Jane will assume duties of the Miss SISL. Her works in the CSR department
will yield tremendous growth in the department, while the business / commercial part of the job will
be handled by Miss Jane Anele, who would be more available and more interested in the business
angle of the company. Though a sad development, we are so happy she gets to contribute and exert
her full potential in the CSR department of SISL, and also work in every capacity to make sure the
CSR department of SISL keeps exercising its civic duties. SISL went commercial in November 2018,
and has since moved Charity to the CSR department which the Queen will spearhead. Queen
Christabel continues to be a part of SISL and will keep working with her even after the expiration of
her reign.