As part of her, goodwill, SISL-CSR visited the Body of Christ Global Vision foundation on the 23rd of July,2020; the foundation whose primary aim is caregiving to both orphans and widows was left in awe at the generosity of the brand and had nothing but prayers on their lips.

The occasion which kicked off mid-morning had in attendance the pioneers of the Global Vision Foundation and Queen Christabel SISL -CSR Queen with ardent support by the Steph queens. A total donation of NGN 322,800 (USD 706.35) in the form of food, clothing and  nose masks were made through the foundation, it was indeed a blessed event

The event ended on the note of prayers and appreciation from the pioneers with a thank you speech from the Steph queens. We consider it an honour to be part of this life-changing event and offer our sincere appreciation to everyone who considers this initiative an honourable one.