Stephano Integrated Services Ltd (SISL) Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) is the continuation of the charity activities initially commenced under the administration of Steph Piotti Foundation, SPF (www.stephfoundation.com),operating from Year 2014 till December 2018.
Both SISL and SPF were founded by an Italian/Nigerian, Dr. (AMBP) Stefano Piotti, a Philanthropist and Humanitarian who is based in Port Harcourt Nigeria.
SPF was set-up as a result of the Founder’s love for people coupled with his aim of reaching out to the less privileged irrespective of age, tribe or gender in Nigeria.

Our Present

SISL is currently engaged in various CSR projects in Nigeria, through different activities; impacting not less than 300 lives through skill acquisition training, employment and empowerment programs. In a bid to create a more entrepreneurial society where social vices and crime can be curbed and reduced to its lowest ebb, SISL offers sponsorship to good business ideas and start-ups. In addition to the training,  in areas of fashion designing, catering and music, SISL supports the beneficiaries with stipends during their training as well as job placements upon completion of their programs. SISL CSR programs are carried out through three main platforms namely Steph Foundation, Young Talent Promotion and Steph Fashion.


Steph Foundation

As part of its commitment to CSR, SISL has acquired the programs of Steph Piotti Foundation which includes skill acquisition, youth empowerment, medical expenses, donations,scholarships and sponsorship

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SISL movie production centers around the nurturing and growth of talents in the entertainment sector in Nigeria. It focuses on the abundant talents of the youths in the country, and how best to create a sustainable platform for them to thrive and showcase their talents. Though new, it has been able to capture and create a platform that in the coming years, will be unbeatable in the movie sector.

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Steph Fashion

Steph Fashion House is a clothing brand, specialized in producing well tailored clothes by our professional fashion designers.

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Pizzamore Restaurant is a food service company driven by passion to provide total solution and quality experience by paying attention to detail

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