SISL movie production centers around the nurturing and growth of talents in the entertainment sector in Nigeria. It focuses on the abundant talents of the youths in the country, and how best to create a sustainable platform for them to thrive and showcase their talents. Though new, it has been able to capture and create a platform that in the coming years, will be unbeatable in the movie sector.

SISL movie production is the brain child of Amb. Stefano Piotti an Italian/ Nigerian whose love and support for entertainment is unwavering. It aims at showing, both local and international markets that Nigerian youths are highly talented and can contribute their quota to ensure a more responsible society.


SISL through its CSR activities has not failed to show support for upcoming and young talents even partnering to do so.

Recently she has co-produce her second movie with a young producer of Sub-Saharan Studio Victoria Ivie Irabor

Big Sisters code is a story about an OAP named Ophelia who innately believes all men are cheat and has an unbreakable code which nips potential cheats in the bud for her teaming fans, but her own worst fears are unearthed when she happens on a mysterious text message on her Fiancé’s phone then all hell breaks loose.

From the stables of Stephano Movies Production, comes the blockbuster, thrilling and exceptionally intriguing movie that will keep you on edge, called ‘LOVE OR QUEST’, a movie that was borne out of passion for the creative and abundant talents of the Nigerian Youth, it goes further to glorify and admonish the strengths of the Nigerian woman.  Click to Watch Here      Happy Viewing.