The Corporate Social Responsibility Department (CSR) of Stephano Integrated Services Ltd Is very pleased to confirm the receipt on the 3rd of July,2020 a lump sum donation  from Decisive Capital Management SA, a wealth management company based in Geneva, Switzerland.

We wish to sincerely thank the management of Decisive for this kind gesture as they found us worthy a vehicle to reach out to persons that are less privileged and require empowerment for self-sustenance as it is the culture of SISL, there are no words that can convey the appreciation that we feel.

As part of our core value and what we are known for, we will ensure the fund donated to aid our charity works is fully utilized for the purpose that it has been made available for, with utmost transparency and without any deductions for administrative and managerial charges.

The fund donated will be utilized for the full period of one year to empower and carry out diverse CSR related activities only, which includes but not limited to the following:

Job creation: Creating more job opportunities and improve lives, especially in this austere period, where jobs and means of survival are on the decline.

Continue in our other philanthropist work which aids individuals in:

Professional trainings/skill acquisition

Medical bill settlement

School fees settlement

Provision of meals Feeding

Business capital support

Outreach Support and people support initiatives

At SISL we understand giving is a privilege, this is the bedrock of our very existence.