As a continuation of its ‘’feed the Children Initiative’’ SISL in conjunction with Pizzamore donated food palliatives to the Children of Savior  Orphanage home on the 25th of May.

Present at this event were  Queen  SISL DONATION (SISL CSR) Queen  Mario  (Face of Stephfashion) and  Queen  Jane  (Miss Amore)  also present were representatives of Pizzamore, Stephfashion, and  SISL CSR unit.

The event started with a welcome song from the children of Savior  Orphanage home with Queen  Christabel giving the vote of thanks for their love and acceptance.   She went further to educate the children on the current Covid-19  pandemic and made sure they understood the basic guidelines for keeping safe by asking them to demonstrate and recite what had been learned. It was indeed a  laughter-filled event, and we are grateful to the donors who do their best to keep this initiative alive.