The guiding principles of SAMIC, ever since its establishment, have been innovation, organization, technology and professionalism. For over 50 years it has operated and specialized in the construction and assembly of industrial plants, dedicated to the quality of its finished products, the development of its facilities and constant investment in professional improvement and specialization of its employees. Samic boasts ultra-modern equipment and production areas adequately dimensioned for high vertical assembly of components and the realization of installations of considerable size and complexity. Its production area occupies over 7,000 square metres of a total area of about 20,000 square metres.


  • Engineering : use of the most advanced information technologies and engineering, design and 3D modelling software.
  • Mechanical machining: machining centres, boring machines, lathes and radial drills
  • Metal carpentry: folding presses, cutters and cold calendaring machines up to thicknesses of 80 mm
  • Welding: automatic, semi-automatic and manual welding for the latest technological processes
  • Final assembly:
  • Finishing: sandblasting, coating, painting and thermal treatment.


Energy production components

Our range of component products for the steam, gas and hydroelectric energy production industries includes gas turbine combustors, burners, supply piping, external mantles and flame tubes with ceramic coatings and internal corrugated alloy and Inconel liners.
Other components are Inconel Hot Gas Casings (HGC) for plant cores.

Industrial plants

Our core competencies include process engineering, thermal and mechanical dimensioning, general machinery dimensioning, construction engineering, electro-instrumental engineering, workshop construction, assembly, inspection, testing and final commissioning.
Components produced include skids for steam and gas turbines, skids for oil and gas filtration processes, interconnecting piping, thermal cycling equipment and lubrication and control piping.

Special equipment

Recent investment has made it possible to  allow a total vertical construction elevation of over 30 metres. Our lifting equipment, including a double track overhead travelling cranes, allows vertical to horizontal rotation of components for pit insertion and extraction and maximum versatility of movement.
This is an essential resource for vertical construction activities in a closed and sheltered environment. It also allows our customers to carry out any required functional testing and inspection activities on the components within our workshop.

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