The world is in a declining Health state with the largest epidemic recorded so far in history, which is the COVID-19, code name for Corona Virus. Corona Virus epidemic has crippled the economy of so many nations and Billions of nose, lost in a space of months. Disposable nose masks, hand sanitizers, medical gloves, and other recommended Coronavirus prevention kits are, however, scarce and have become quite expensive in Nigeria.
Dr. Stefano Piotti, the Bio-Medical and CSR department of SISL, have taken a health preventive measure against tackling the virus before it spreads to Port Harcourt and its environs.
As part of the duties of the Bio-Medical Dept of SISL and the CSR department, Sets of Disposable nose masks, medical gloves, and Hand sanitizers have been distributed on the 13th of March, 2020 to all members of staff in the various branches of SISL