ITALVECO, an Italian holding company operating in the field of water industries. In 2011, ITALVECO acquires SODAI an Italian engineering company operating in the field of primary and process water treatment solutions as well as in the wastewater deputation for industrial, private and municipal users until the recovery and reuse of water.

Our standard plants provide quite evident economic benefits in:

  • Potabilization of surface waters (rivers, lakes and so on) with maximum capacity per unit: 1400 m3/day of processed water.
  • Potabilization of brackish water; maximum capacity per unit: 1000 m3/day of processed water.
  • Potabilization of sea water based on reverse osmosis and energy recovery; maximum capacity per unit: 700 m3/day of processed water.
  • Industrial water treatment (demineralization or other treatments) with micro‐filtration, ultra‐filtration, nano‐filtration and reverse osmosis.
  • Water purification of municipal and industrial water for small or medium sized communities.
  • Waste water treatment plant.

INDUSTRIAL FIELD: Chemical, Oil & gas, Power, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics, Food & Bev., Marine, etc. for both fresh and wastewater.

  • Skid Mounted & Containerized solutions
  • Whole treatment plants from green field

MUNICIPAL FIELD: drinking and waste water plant.

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